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Ask The Expert Into

Ask The Expert

Sometimes we all need a little help in different areas of life; no matter how smart we think we are. That’s why we are excited to showcase a new feature called “Ask the Expert” Each weekday we will highlight some of the experts we work with everyday. You can hear these features live on 107.7 – KABD-FM at 8:35 and 5:35. If you miss the live show simply click on the recorded segment below and listen you the segment you wish to hear. If you have a question just fill out the form at the bottom of the page and we will “Ask the Expert” on your behalf

Our Experts 

Monday’s-  HKG Architects – The Community Builder Expert

The folks at HKG Architects are some of the best experts when it comes to building the buildings around our community. But, being part of the community is what is truly near and dear to their hearts. That’s why they want to use this time to give to some of the area non-profits, because they are all experts in their fields and HKG wants to make sure you know who these non-profits are and what they all do.


Shrine Hospital: Free Screening in Aberdeen July 17th..and Mike talks with Jennifer Such about different ways listeners can help support the Shrine Hospital of Minneapolis.