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In Touch Archives for 2018-06

In Touch 6/29/18




Diana Homan from the Falk County Saddle Club joins us to discuss Wild West Days begining this weekend in Faulkton...

In Touch 6/28/18




The folks from the Brentford Fire Dept. join us to talk about their July fundraiser featuring Chauncy Williams and the Younger Brothers band... 

In Touch 6/27/18






Stephanie Mattson from Aberdeen Christian joins us to talk about the first annual ACS Tractor Drive fundraiser...

In-Touch 6/26/18 - Rising Star Competition

Abby Murano from the Rising Star competition at the Brown County Fair joins us to talk about registering for the competition which will take place in August...


In-Touch 6/26/18 - Drew Dennert

Drew Dennert joins us to discuss his early re-election campaign to the South Dakota Legislature representing District 3…


In-Touch 6/22/18 - Musician Ron Parker

Local musician Ron Parker joins us to talk about his most recent album release.


In-Touch 6/21/18 - Annual Garden Walk

The folks from the Aberdeen Questers join us to talk about their annual garden walk...



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