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2018 Mid term Elections: November 6th 2018


2018 Mid term Elections: November 6th 2018 

This page is your guide to everything election as we get ready to vote in November of 2018

Statewide Races



 Republicans - Kristi Noem 







 Democrats - Billie Sutton 








 Libertarian - Kurt Evans 






US House candidates

- Candidates:

 Republicans - Dusty Johnson







 Democrats - Tim Bjorkman 






 Libertarians - George Hendrickson





 Independent - Ron Wieczorek


County Commission (3 At Large Seats)

Incumbents: Tom Fischbach (D), Doug Fjeldheim (R) 
Mike Wiese (R)
Larry Lovrien (R)
- Michael E. Nehls (D)

Brown County Auditor

Republican - Cathy McNickle 

Democrat -  Lynn Heupel

District 1 Race

District 1 Senate seat
Democrats - Susan Wismer,
District 1 House Seat
Democrat - Paul Dennert, Steven McLeerey
Republican - Tamera St. John

District 2 Race

District 2 Senate Seat
Republican - Brock Greenfield
Democrat - Paul Register

District 2 House Seat
Republican - Kaleb Weis, Lana Greenfield
Democrat - Jenae Hansen , Mike McHugh

District 3 Race

District 3 House Seat
Republican - Drew Dennert, Carl Perry
Democrat - Justin Roemmick, Brooks Briscoe

District 3 Senate
Democrat - Cory Heidelberger
Republican - Al Novstrop

District 23 race

District 23 House Seat
Republican - Spencer Gosch, John Lake
Democrat - Phillip Testerman, Elanor Iverson

District 23 Senate
Republican Justin Cronin
Democrat - Joe Yracheta