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In Touch 6/18/24

The folks from Aberdeen Roncalli join us to talk about things going on at the Catholic School System and beyond this month…

In Touch 6/14/24

Eric Kline with Northern State joins us to give us an update on NSU…

128 students set to graduate from Northern State at winter commencement Dec. 10

This Saturday, Dec. 10, 128 students will graduate at Northern State University’s winter commencement.

The commencement ceremony will begin at 10 a.m. in the Johnson Fine Arts Center Jewett Theater. Dr. Elizabeth Haller, Associate Dean of the College of Arts and Sciences and 2022 NSU Foundation Faculty Excellence Award winner, will deliver the commencement address.

The event will be live streamed through the NSU Facebook page, the NSU Graduation and Commencement page, and locally through cable channel 12.

Graduates are listed below, grouped alphabetically by city and state:


Zachary Bohnenkamp, Tucson (B.S. Biology, Biochemistry)*


Darren Makinen, Merced (B.S. Business Administration)


Sarah Gaul, Urbandale (B.A. Spanish) ***


Robert Haddock, Twin Falls (BGS General Studies)


Lucas Brown, Everett (Master of Music Education)


Kasey Rogers-Anderson, Grand Rapids (Master of Music Education)


Ramon Vega Jr., Buffalo (B.S.Ed. Physical Education) *        

Noah Crosbie, Coon Rapids (B.S. Human Performance)

Gregory Daniel Lux, Eden Valley (B.S.Ed. History, B.S. Human Performance) **     

Carly Mekash, Greenbush (B.S.Ed. Elementary Education) **          

Jordan Stenzel, Hutchinson (B.S. Sport Marketing and Administration)

Brooke Louise Thielbar, Luverne (Master of Music Education)        

Chase Groh, Mankato (B.S. Human Performance) ***

Jordan Hillesheim, New Ulm (B.S. Biology; Environmental Science; A.S. Biotechnology)    

Emma Rezac, Northfield (BGS General Studies)        

Justin Streit, Watkins (B.S. Finance) *

Shayna Yost, Wheaton (B.S.Ed. Elementary Education) **

Brendon Canavan, Willmar (Master of Music Education)


Savannah Spence, Southaven (M.S. Banking and Financial Services)


Katelyn Weiss, Almont (M.S. Accounting Analytics) 

Emma Glant, Bismarck (B.A. in Honoribus Communication Studies; History) ***   

Tyra Steinwand, Edgeley (BME Music Education) ***

Hannah Kearns, Fargo (BGS General Studies)

Dawson Weisenberger, Fargo (B.S. Marketing)        

Ashlyn Lee, Underwood (B.S.Ed. Elementary Education) *


Laine Converse, Ithaca (B.S.Ed. History)

Joshua Trumble, Springfield (B.A. Criminal Justice; Sociology) **    

Caleb Lefferdink, Syracuse (B.S. Business Administration)   


Shanice Burrell, Bronx (B.A. English; Government)   


Kyle Schuckmann, Dayton (Master of Music Education)


Bethany Nusbaum, Quakertown (Master of Music Education)        


Michael Abu-Sirriya, Aberdeen (M.S.Ed. Counseling: School) %

Allison Anderson, Aberdeen (B.S.Ed. in Honoribus Elementary Education) ***

Crystal Cook, Aberdeen (B.A. Communication Studies) *** 

Grant Farmer, Aberdeen (M.S.Ed. Sports Performance and Leadership)

Drew Geier, Aberdeen (B.S. Biology; Allied Health Certificate) *     

Jason Goebel, Aberdeen (M.S.Ed. Counseling: Clinical Mental Health)       

Alexander Grote, Aberdeen (A.S. Biotechnology)     

Zoe Hardwick, Aberdeen (B.S. Sport Marketing and Administration) #

Hunter Hilton, Aberdeen (B.S. Finance)        

Joshua Jensen, Aberdeen (M.S.Ed. Leadership and Administration)

Haley Kastigar, Aberdeen (B.S. Biology) *     

Sarah Keen, Aberdeen (B.S. Human Performance)

Trejon King, Aberdeen (B.S. Accounting) ** 

Jordan Malsom-Kjellsen, Aberdeen (M.S.Ed. Leadership and Administration)        

Hailey Latham, Aberdeen (B.S.Ed. Elementary Education) ***        

John Litwiller III, Aberdeen (BGS General Studies)

Riley McNeil, Aberdeen (B.S.Ed. English)      

Chelsey Mehlhoff Clyde, Aberdeen (B.S. Accounting) %

Emily Meier, Aberdeen (B.A. History) **       

Jaci Mollman, Aberdeen (BFA Studio Art) ***

Megan O’Donnell, Aberdeen (B.A. Sociology) *

Julianna Pasara, Aberdeen (B.S. in Honoribus Accounting) *

Patrick Sowah, Aberdeen (M.S.Ed. Counseling: Clinical Mental Health)      

Kelly Stadel, Aberdeen (BFA Studio Art) **   

Collin Stoebner, Aberdeen (B.S. Environmental Science, Biology; A.S. Biotechnology) **^^          

Isabelle Stroup, Aberdeen (M.S. Accounting Analytics)

Diamond Sturdevant, Aberdeen (A.S. Business Administration)      

Lachelle Swanson, Aberdeen (B.S. Psychology)         

Dilyn Swingler, Aberdeen (A.S. Business Administration)     

Samantha Weidenbach, Aberdeen (B.A. Sociology)

Miah Wills, Aberdeen (B.S. Psychology)        

Emma Yeske, Aberdeen (B.S. in Honoribus Business Administration) *

Christian Zetterlund, Aberdeen (B.A. History)           

Delsie Weise, Aurora (M.S. Accounting Analytics)    

Shannon White, Aurora (A.A. General Studies)         

Delci Mueller, Bath (B.S. Management) *     

Macyn Flanigan, Brandon (B.S. Business Administration) ***          

Danielle Spencer, Brandon (BME in Honorius Music Education: Instrumental) **

Teresa Lone, Bristol (B.S. Accounting)           

Kasie Ingraham, Clark (B.S. Accounting) *

Hattie Weismantel, Columbia (B.S.Ed. Elementary Education) **   

Cody Brouwer, Dimock (B.S.Ed. English) *

John Kolar, Eureka (B.S. Biology; Allied Health Certificate) *

Halle Hall, Harrisburg (M.S.Ed. Teaching and Learning)

Lynn Mason, Hot Springs (Master of Music Education)        

Cally Anderson, Huron (B.S. Marketing)       

Brian Aranki, Huron (A.A. General Studies)

Austin Gross, Huron (B.S.Ed. History)

Jamie Holforty, Huron (B.S.Ed. Elementary Education)         

Ruby Ortega, Huron (A.A. General Studies)

Kristin Paye, Huron (A.A. General Studies) ^ 

Sarah VanBerkum, Huron (B.A. Sociology)    

Katie Wollschlager, Labolt (B.S.Ed. Elementary Education) **         

Tyson Stoebner, Lennox (B.S. Psychology; Allied Health Certificate) **      

Amy Ptak, Marion (B.S.Ed. Elementary Education; Special Education) *      

Tori Hooth, Milbank (A.A. General Studies)  

Kimberly Van Sambeek, Milbank (B.S.Ed. Elementary Education) ***         

Hunter Russell, Miller (BFA Digital Media) * 

Brooke Flemmer, Mitchell (B.A. in Honoribus Criminal Justice; Sociology) ***       

Kassidy Moser, Mobridge (B.A. Sociology)    

Teri Carter, Onida (B.S. Accounting)  

Jacob Howard, Onida (B.A. Government; Criminal Justice) **         

Ashley Even, Pierre (B.S. Accounting)            

Judah McKinley, Pierre (B.S.Ed. English; B.A. Theatre) ***

Britni Carlson, Presho (B.S.Ed. Elementary Education; Special Education) *

Christopher Allen, Rapid City (B.A. Music)

Jordan Graper, Rapid City (B.S. Management)         

Karley Tracy-King, Rapid City (B.S.Ed. Elementary Education; Special Education) ***        

Katie McManus, Reliance (M.S. Accounting Analytics)         

Bailey Hammrich, Roscoe (B.S.Ed. Elementary Education) ***        

Kristi Schurr, Roscoe (B.A. Communication Studies) ***      

Preston Barr, Sioux Falls (B.S. Human Performance, Physical Education) **

Hannah Eckhoff, Sioux Falls (B.S. Banking and Financial Services) **          

Heaven Fettig, Sioux Falls (A.A. Criminal Justice)      

Leah Koltz, Sioux Falls (B.S. Biology) *           

Jack Meyers, Sioux Falls (B.S. Management)

Kylee Van Egdom, Sioux Falls (B.A. in Honoribus Government; Criminal Justice) ***         

Christine Nefzger, Sisseton (B.A. Criminal Justice)

Samantha Brewer, Spearfish (B.S.Ed. Elementary Education; Special Education) **           

Justin Waldner, Stratford (B.S.Ed. Elementary Education) **          

Tabitha Sonne, Tea (B.A. History)      

Kellie Christians, Twin Brooks (B.S.Ed. Special Education)    

Gabrielle Grieme, Valley Springs (BFA Digital Media) ***    

Tyler Schwartz, Volga (B.S.Ed. Physical Education) **

Mitchell Buller, Watertown (B.S.Ed. History) *         

Scott Johnson, Watertown (B.A. History)      

Mackenzie Turbak, Watertown (B.S.Ed. in Honoribus Biology) **

Abby Kwasniewski, Webster (M.S.Ed. Leadership and Administration)       

Lucas Trooien, White (B.S.Ed. Mathematics)

Rebekah Williams, Wolsey (B.S.Ed. Elementary Education) **


Michael Bonds, Nashville (M.S.Ed. Sports Performance and Leadership)    


Felipe Alvear, Katy (M.S.Ed. Educational Studies) @

William Corchado, Katy (BGS General Studies)

Paige Hutton, Spring (B.S. Biology)


Anran Zhang, Herriman (M.S. Accounting Analytics)

Sione Fehoko Jr., West Valley City (BGS General Studies)


Zahra Almubsher, Qatif, Saudi Arabia (B.S. Chemistry: Forensic Science; Allied Health, Biotechnology and Organismal Biology Certificates)

***Summa Cum Laude          

**Magna Cum Laude 

*Cum Laude   

^^^Highest Honor      

^^High Honor 


# Spring 2022 Graduate         

% Summer 2022 Graduate     

@ Spring 2023 Applicant       



In Touch 6/18/24

The folks from Aberdeen Roncalli join us to talk about things going on at the Catholic School System and beyond this