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In Touch 3/29/23

Celebrity CPA Tom Wheelright joins us to talk about taxes, his new book and the recent bank collapse of Silicon Valley Bank and Signature Bank…

In Touch 3/28/23

Ron Krogman with the Aberdeen VFW joins us to talk about their upcoming “casino night” fundraiser…

Complaint filed against State Senator Julie Frye-Mueller made public

The complaint filed against District 30 state Senator Julie Frye-Mueller of Rapid City has been released.

According to the complaint filed by a member of the legislative research council, Frye-Mueller and her husband badgered this female employee about childhood vaccinations.

“Senator Frye-Mueller proceeded to as, ‘did you vaccinate?'” according to the unnamed employee. “I told her ‘yes.’ Without allowing me to elaborate further, she proceeded to point her finger at me and aggressively say that this will cause him issues.”

The conversation then moved to breastfeeding. The employee said she could not breastfeed.

According to the woman’s complaint, Sen. Frye-Mueller said that perhaps the staffer’s husband could “suck on my (the employee’s) breasts.” 

Additionally, the woman says Sen. Frye-Mueller said, “a good time for that is at night.” 

The full complaint can be read here.