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In Touch

In Touch 11/29/22

Dan Gallagher, head coach of the Aberdeen Roncalli Cavaliers boys basketball team joins us to talk about the upcoming season…

In Touch 11/28/22

Cristian Martinez, head coach of the Aberdeen Christian girls basketball team joins us to talk about the upcoming season…

Davidson County Commission approves permit to build soybean processing plant

Update: Despite some public push back, the Davidson County Commission Tuesday approved a conditional permit to build a soybean processing facility just south of Mitchell. The proposed $500 million facility will be located on Highway 37 about two mile south of Mitchell and add 75 permanent jobs to the area. According to KMIT in Mitchell nearly 100 people showed up to express their concerns about the project, specifically citing increased traffic to the area. The project is expected to begin next summer and be completed by fall of 2025.

Original story:
(KMIT- Mitchell, SD)The Davison County Commission will hear from proponents and opponents of a soybean processing plant which would be located just south of Mitchell.  The $450 million South Dakota Soybean Processors’ facility would be located at the intersection of 257th Street and Highway 37.  Nearly 100 people attended a Davison County Planning and Zoning Committee meeting last Tuesday night.  The committee recommended approval of a conditional use permit for the plant.  Residents who were opposed to the facility expressed concerns about increased traffic in the area.  The facility would add around 75 jobs.  If approved, construction would begin next summer.