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In Touch

In Touch 1/26/23

Becky Guffin from the Aberdeen Public School District joins us to talk about everything going on at the public school district this month…

In Touch 1/25/23

Alexa Sheldon, the new director of the Aberdeen Downtown Association joins us to talk about the association…

Czech Republic informs NHL Russian players not welcome during regular season games scheduled in the country

The Czech Republic has informed the NHL Russian players will not be welcome when teams come to play in the country this upcoming regular season. The Nashville Predators and San Jose Sharks are scheduled to play a regular season game Oct. 7th and 8th at Prauge’s O2 Arena. The Czech Foreign Ministry has informed the teams Nashville’s Yakov Trenin and San Jose’s Evgeny Svechnikov cannot attend. This comes as part of a European Union Sports Minister recommendation EU countries ban Russian athletes while the war between Russia and Ukraine continues.