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In Touch 5/24/24

Patricia Kendall with the Dacotah Prairie Museum join us to talk about an upcoming exhibit and more…

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Dr. Jessica Vogel named new superintendent for the South Dakota school for the blind and visually impared

Dr. Jessica Vogel, an assistant professor of education at Northern State University, will become the next superintendent for the South Dakota School for the Blind and Visually Impaired (SDSBVI).

During her time at Northern State University (NSU), Vogel has worked alongside many of the students, teachers, and staff at SDSBVI. Between the supervision of SDSBVI teacher trainings and her service on school committees and boards, Vogel is eager to continue establishing those relationships.

“I look forward to working with our students and their families and supporting our teachers, staff, and outreach consultants,” said Vogel. “To support growth in advocacy, instructional development, and independence for our students who are blind and visually impaired is the ultimate reward!”

The South Dakota School for the Blind and Visually Impaired, part of the South Dakota Board of Regents, is a K-12 accredited school by the South Dakota Department of Education in Aberdeen, SD. It supports children with vision loss and provides access to educational resources to prepare students for life. Enrollment on the Aberdeen campus averages about 28 students, with nearly 250 students served by the school’s statewide outreach programs.

“Our teachers, staff, and outreach consultants have unique skills and expertise,” said Vogel. “My role is to support them through innovative leadership and professional development opportunities to best serve the blind and visually impaired community.”

Vogel enters the superintendent role with an extensive educational background. She holds a doctorate in educational administration – special education, a master’s degree in emotional and behavior disorders, and a bachelor’s degree in special education. She is currently working on a master’s degree in visual Impairments. Vogel hopes her educational networks will benefit SDSBVI.

“I will continue to support SDSBVI’s relationship with Northern State University to increase the number of teachers and consultants for the visually impaired students in our state.” Vogel continued, “I plan to be active in state and national associations to keep us current on research practices and closely connected to programs like ours.”

Vogel will succeed the current superintendent, Dan Trefz, this June.



In Touch 5/24/24

Patricia Kendall with the Dacotah Prairie Museum join us to talk about an upcoming exhibit and more…