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In Touch 3/22/23

Becky Guffin with the Aberdeen Pubic School District joins us to talk about everything going on at central and beyond this month…

In Touch 3/21/23

Vicci Stange with the Brown County Fair Foundation joins us to talk about the upcoming Brown County Fair Foundation Hall of Fame Banquet…

Farmer input needed on drought damage

The Missouri Department of Natural Resources is calling for farmers in the state to report drought related stresses on crops and livestock.

Missouri DNR’s Jennifer Hoggatt tells Brownfield the department wants to know landowners’ needs so they can open necessary resources.

“Do we need to consider grazing areas that would normally be excluded? That’ll be a decision that we’ll be making,” Hoggatt said. “We offer cover crop practices year-round, and so that’s something that folks can work locally, if we’ve got crop failure.”

She said cover cropping programs are available at local soil and water conservation district offices.


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