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In Touch 6/09/23

Author Karen McNeil joins us to talk about her latest book “The Wine Bible” available now…

In Touch 6/08/23

Rick Kline with the Aberdeen Catholic School system joins us to talk about everything going on at the Catholic School system this month…

Federal court rules against Gov. Noem’s 2021 request for fireworks at Mount Rushmore

A federal court handed South Dakota Governor Kristi Noem a loss Wednesday. The 8th circuit court declared Governor Noem’s lawsuit against the Biden administration seeking to launch fireworks at Mount Rushmore on the 4th of July 2021 a quote “issue of the past.” The court also denied allegations made by Noem the decision was done arbitrary and capriciously. According to the court there is long standing precedent to deny fireworks at Mount Rushmore including fire hazards, visitor safety, water contamination and objections from local Native American tribes.