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In Touch

In Touch 7/15/24

The folks from Make-A-Wish South Dakota join us to talk about the upcoming poker run fundraiser…

In Touch 7/12/24

The folks from Northern State University join us to talk about their new nursing program…

Fire and rescue warns about down powerlines

Aberdeen Fire and Rescue is warning residents about down powerlines following the ice storm that made its way through the area Wednesday night and most of Thursday. Fire crews will be utilizing fire line tape to indicate the down utilities have been addressed. Residents are urged to keep clear of the area, do not approach down or low hanging power lines as they can be dangerous. If you have large tree branches in the road or elsewhere you are urged to contact non-emergency dispatch at 605-626-7911.



In Touch 7/18/24

Bea Smith and Mike Bockorney join us to talk about an upcoming Innovation and Startup Center event…

In Touch 7/17/24

Tyler Friel, news director at WBUT in Butler Pennsylvania joins us to talk about witnessing the assassination attempt of former president