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In Touch

In Touch 2/20/24

Leona Pitz with Mina Lake Celebrations joins us to talk about the upcoming Mina Lake casino night…

In Touch 2/19/24

Brian Schultz with the Aberdeen Community Theater join us to talk about the upcoming production “The Friendly Hour”…

Game Fish and Parks discovers zebra mussels in Sand Lake National Refuge

South Dakota Game Fish and Parks reports Zebra Mussels have now been found in Sand Lake National Refuge. Sand Lake is northeast of Aberdeen, near Houghton South Dakota and is the heart of the prairie-pothole region of the northern Great Plains. It plays a major role for migratory birds associated with the Central Flyway. Zebra mussels are an invasive species that once they get into a body of water are almost impossible to get rid of. They negatively impact ecosystems including filtering out algae that native species need for food. Game Fish and Parks encourages all boaters to properly decontaminate their boats before moving from one body of water to another. Tips for halting the spread of zebra mussels can be found at Game Fish and Parks’ website. Zebra mussels have been discovered in other northeast body of waters including Pickeral Lake and Enemy Swim.