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In Touch 3/29/23

Celebrity CPA Tom Wheelright joins us to talk about taxes, his new book and the recent bank collapse of Silicon Valley Bank and Signature Bank…

In Touch 3/28/23

Ron Krogman with the Aberdeen VFW joins us to talk about their upcoming “casino night” fundraiser…

gov. Noem signs host of bills into law

Today, Governor Noem signed the following 21 bills into law:

  • SB 9 modifies discharge notice procedures applicable to developmentally disabled persons;
  • SB 10 expands certification options for interpreters for The Committee on Health and Human Services at the request of the Department of Human Services;
  • SB 11 updates the deposit threshold for actions related to general rate cases;
  • SB 12 authorizes the construction of a National Guard Vehicle maintenance shop in Watertown, to make an appropriation therefor, and to declare an emergency;
  • SB 13 authorizes the construction of an addition to the BG Dean Mann Readiness Center in Sioux Falls, to make an appropriation therefor, and to declare an emergency;
  • SB 14 revises the legal description for the construction of a National Guard Readiness Center in Sioux Falls, to make an appropriation therefor, and to declare an emergency;
  • SB 15 accepts Uniformed Services ID as proof of veteran status to have veteran designation added to a state license or ID card;
  • SB 37 revises provision pertaining to the South Dakota School for the Deaf;
  • SB 71 authorizes other fuel taxes to be included in the state’s International Fuel Tax Agreement collections;
  • SB 73 excludes township-owned self-propelled machinery, equipment, and vehicles from fuel excise tax;
  • SB 85 revises rebating provisions in the insurance code;
  • HB 1038 revises certain provision pertaining to the Department of Veterans Affairs and residency in the State Veterans Home;
  • HB 1041 provides an exception to the definition of drug paraphernalia;
  • HB 1047 revises certain provisions regarding military affairs;
  • HB 1048 repeals and makes technical changes to provisions regarding the Board of Military Affairs;
  • HB 1057 allows for the appointment of county coroner by all counties;
  • HB 1060 modifies provisions related to procurement for the state and other purchasing agencies;
  • HB 1064 requires the Unified Judicial System to assemble a task force to address the provision of legal services to indigent parties within the South Dakota court system and to declare an emergency;
  • HB 1088 updates requirements for an insurance company seeking to do business in this state;
  • HB 1091 amends provisions of the insurance statutes regarding producer recommendations and responsibilities; and,
  • HB 1101 ensures the proper labeling of American Indian arts and crafts.

Governor Noem has signed 55 bills into law this legislative session.