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In Touch 7/22/24

The folks from the upcoming Groton “Sip and Shop” join us to talk about the event…

In Touch 7/19/24

Wayne Sorrentino with the 40/8 join us to talk about an upcoming event in Aberdeen and more…

Gov. Noem signs host of bills into law

Today, Governor Noem signed the following 21 bills into law:

  • SB 5 extends the termination date of the Juvenile Justice Oversight Council and modifies its membership requirements;
  • SB 6 authorizes community response teams to recommend alternative community-based resources for children alleged to be delinquent and children alleged to be in need of supervision prior to adjudication;
  • SB 50 revises the crime of witness tampering;
  • SB 72 revises provisions related to the discharge of a defendant restored to competency;
  • SB 78 creates the South Dakota Board of Physical Therapy and makes an appropriation therefor;
  • SB 81 repeals outdated sections regarding enhanced concealed carry permit requirements;
  • SB 86 requires candidates for party precinct committeeman or committeewoman to include an email address and phone number in the written statement submitted to the county auditor;
  • SB 132 revises the appointment of legislators to the Agricultural Land Assessment Implementation and Oversight Advisory Task Force;
  • SB 182 establishes a uniform method for calculating high school credit received from completing postsecondary courses;
  • SB 198 allows medical cannabis establishments to maintain certain cardholder data;
  • SB 204 expands critical incident stress management to health care facility personnel providing emergency services;
  • HB 1006 increases the funding for construction of an addition to the Kinsman Building in Pierre and makes an appropriation therefor;
  • HB 1007 adds emergency medical services personnel to Class B public safety membership of the South Dakota Retirement System;
  • HB 1009 updates and clarifies certain provisions relating to the South Dakota Retirement System;
  • HB 1032 makes an appropriation for the demolition and reconstruction of the agricultural-use structures at the South Dakota State University;
  • HB 1056 modifies the limit of consecutive terms for members of the Board of Technical Education;
  • HB 1114 revises the qualifications to be a member of a county recount board;
  • HB 1162 authorizes employers to acquire and make available opioid antagonists;
  • HB 1189 requires certain entities owning agricultural land to report foreign beneficial ownership interests;
  • HB 1191 clarifies the duties of truancy officers; and,
  • HB 1215 revises certain provisions regarding the operation of a golf cart on a state or county highway.

Governor Noem has signed 118 bills into law and vetoed 1 this legislative session.