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Gov. Noem signs host of bills into law

Today, Governor Kristi Noem signed the following 29 bills to streamline state government into law:  

  • SB 2 removes provisions for establishing a uniform method for calculating high school credit received from completing a postsecondary course;
  • SB 4 revises provisions regarding township contracts for snow removal;
  • SB 19 rescinds rulemaking authority pertaining to the process for publishing required voter registration numbers;
  • SB 21 rescinds rule-making authority for the annual report of the number of voters removed from a county’s voter registration list;
  • SB 23 exempts an electric vehicle charging station from being subject to a civil fine for overcharging;
  • SB 24 increases the maximum user fee for a participant submitting to wear a drug patch under the 24/7 sobriety program;
  • SB 33 repeals the Petroleum Release Compensation Board;
  • SB 37 revises provisions regarding repair and maintenance of mail routes;
  • SB 38 amends the amount a merchant or place of business may assess against returned checks;
  • SB 41 modifies an administrative procedure for revoking a nonresponsive insurance producer’s license;
  • SB 59 provides for the downgrade of commercial driver licenses and commercial learners permits upon notice of certain drug and alcohol violations;
  • SB 60 updates references to certain regulations regarding medical qualifications for certain commercial drivers;
  • SB 65 modifies time limits for collection efforts for debts owed to the state;
  • HB 1003 updates a reference to the Internal Revenue Code for purposes of higher education savings plans;
  • HB 1004 updates the official code of laws;
  • HB 1005 revises the manner of citing the Administrative Rules of South Dakota;
  • HB 1006 increases the amount of time permitted the Interim Rules Review Committee to review final permanent rulemaking materials;
  • HB 1011 revises the membership of the South Dakota Capitol Complex Restoration and Beautification Commission;
  • HB 1018 revises certain references to the Internal Revenue Code;
  • HB 1020 revises the method by which completion of a required suicide awareness and prevention training is verified;
  • HB 1026 clarifies the requirement for the construction or expansion of a municipal campground or tourist accommodation facility;
  • HB 1030 updates statutory and regulatory references pertaining to water pollution;
  • HB 1031 updates the development and implementation of conservation district standards;
  • HB 1050 updates references to certain federal motor carrier regulations;
  • HB 1051 makes technical changes to provisions regarding the compensation of agents;
  • HB 1055 raises the appraisal value of surplus property that may be sold by a political subdivision without notice;
  • HB 1063 amends the valuation service used to value vehicles;
  • HB 1068 allows disabled veterans to obtain a standard issue county motor vehicle or motorcycle license plate; and,
  • HB 1074 expands eligibility to practice as a dental hygienist under the collaborative supervision of a dentist.