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In Touch

In Touch 9/20/23

Scott Waltman with the Aberdeen Curling Club joins us to talk about the upcoming Aberdeen Learn to Curl…

In Touch 9/19/23

Patricia Kendall from the Dacotah Prairie Museum joins us to talk about the upcoming “Harvest Stroll”…

HB1116 smoked out by the state senate

A group of South Dakota state senators successfully smoked out HB1116 which would ban quote “lewd and lascivious content” on South Dakota public university campuses.

This bill was passed out of the house, but defeated in the Senate Education Committee. The smoke out delivers the bill to the floor to be voted on. It was brought forward in response to a family friendly drag queen show hosted on South Dakota State’s campus.

District 3 State Senator Al Novstrop lead the charge to smoke the bill out…

The bill will now be voted on by the whole body to be put it on the calendar or not and if that passes that test it will be voted up or down by the senate.