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In Touch 9/25/23

Kathrine from the Aberdeen Convention and Visitors Bureau join us to talk about this week’s “Pup Crawl”…

House fails to override Gubernatorial veto of HB1109

(South Dakota Broadcasters Association) In a session where fellow Republicans have rebuked her on several pieces of her key legislation, Gov Kristi Noem chalked up a win Tuesday.

On a 41 to 29 vote, the House failed to get the two-thirds vote necessary to override the Governor’s veto of HB 1109.

The bill would have allowed business improvement districts, known as “BIDs,” to increase the rate hotels and motels could charge per room.

The current rate is $2, set in 2005. 

The bill would have allowed cities to charge up to $4 per room.

Gov. Noem dramatically vetoed the bill last week with a branding iron saying “VETO” dipped in red ink. 

She put the image on her social media and called upping the limit a tax increase. 

Legislators, some passionately, asked their colleagues to overturn the veto because of the importance of tourism in the state and to their communities.

They said BIDs allow big and small cities to build tourism infrastructure and sponsor events that help fill in between the summer tourism and hunting seasons and the rest of the year.

Opponents said it was a tax and hoteliers could voluntarily give funds to help tourism in their community.

The Senate also would have needed to get a two-thirds majority for the override to be successful if the House’s override had been successful. 

With the failure of the House’s attempt to override the veto, HB 1109 will not become law.