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In Touch 1/26/23

Becky Guffin from the Aberdeen Public School District joins us to talk about everything going on at the public school district this month…

In Touch 1/25/23

Alexa Sheldon, the new director of the Aberdeen Downtown Association joins us to talk about the association…

House passes $200 million in state and federal money for housing infrastructure

(South Dakota Broadcasters Association) After over two hours of debate this afternoon (Monday), the House passes a bill that will release $200 million in state and federal money for housing infrastructure.

The bill would give rule-making authority to the South Dakota Housing Authority. 

It would also finally release $150 million in state surplus from 2022 and $50 million in federal money for infrastructure.

Bill supporter, Rep. Drew Peterson from Salem, says not only the big cities will benefit.

Opponents were not convinced.

Rep. John Mills from Brookings.

The bill had an emergency clause–immediate effect–and needed a two-thirds vote of the chamber. 

Senate Bill 41 passed 54 to 16 after several attempts to amend the bill and several days of deferrals.

The measure now goes to Gov. Noem for her signature.