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In Touch 6/09/23

Author Karen McNeil joins us to talk about her latest book “The Wine Bible” available now…

In Touch 6/08/23

Rick Kline with the Aberdeen Catholic School system joins us to talk about everything going on at the Catholic School system this month…

I-90 fully reopened, travel should still be done with caution

The South Dakota Department of Transportation (SDDOT) says Interstate 90 has been fully reopened across the state.

Due to the cold temperatures and windy conditions, applying chemical and salt are not effective treatment options.

  • Travelers should expect to encounter ice-covered, slippery roads, and snow covered shoulders. 
  • Snow removal equipment will be working to remove ice in the driving lanes and snow remaining on shoulders.
  • Please use extra caution and reduce travel speed.

No Travel Advisories continue to impact state highways in central and south central South Dakota, with several highways physically impassable from blockages of large snow drifts stranded vehicles and bridges completely plugged. Snow blowers and plow trucks have been moved from other parts of the state to clear deep snow drifting. Removal of stranded vehicles is hampering the efforts and it takes additional time to coordinate with tow truck operators to remove these vehicles. These highways will be reopened throughout the day as conditions allow safe travel.