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Roe vs. Wade protest ends with police interacting with protestors

(Kelo.com – Sioux Falls, SD) Two separate protests against the Supreme Court’s overturning of Roe v. Wade ended with arrests late Wednesday night in downtown Sioux Falls.

One protest that originated at Lyon Park marched down Philips Avenue, where it joined the other protest.

Demonstrators took to the streets, chanted slogans, and stopped traffic.

Sioux Falls Police tried to funnel the crowd back to Lyon Park with little success.

Police scrambled to block off traffic and keep the protestors safe, while encouraging them to use the sidewalk.

At 9th and Philips, law enforcement formed a line, and by the time the crowd reached 14th and Philips they were warned that the protest had become an unlawful assembly.

Some demonstrators became belligerent, challenging law enforcement and refusing to disperse.

Police then resorted to smoke to break up the crowd for refusing a lawful dispersal order, but at no time were chemical agents used.

The crowd eventually dispersed.

Several people were taken into custody for resisting arrest.

We’ll learn more details at Thursday morning’s police briefing.