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Bjorkman calls for congress to take the reigns on tariff situation

South Dakota Democratic candidate for congress Tim Bjokrman is calling on those in Washington to take back the power to implement tariffs in order to help struggling farmers at the front of this trade war.  President Donald Trump has placed tariffs on the European Union, Canada and China which has led to retaliation by those other counties.  These tariffs were enacted by the executive branch individually, something Bjorkman says is not right…




Bjorkman over the weekend held a press conference with South Dakota farmers and ranchers affected by these tariffs.  Specifically, China has placed a 25 percent tariff on soybeans and corn, two of the state’s largest crop.  On top of that, China has also increased tariffs on pork producers. 

Pressure is beginning to mount on the administration to do something about these tariffs as South Dakota’s current congressional delegation sent a joint letter to the President reminding the administration to keep South Dakota farmers and ranchers in mind when negotiating trade deals.

Bjorkman says that is not enough…




Bjorkman’s main opponent, Republican candidate Dusty Johnson, responded to the criticism the GOP is not doing enough.  Johnson is adamant South Dakota farmers need access to the world markets in order to be prosperous and hopes the administration will take that into consideration as the negotiations move forward.  However, he feels the idea congress will be at the table is unrealistic…