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Another South Dakota political party has to do a do-over on their convention.


The Constitution Party's convention broke up Saturday after confusion over who was the party chairperson and other issues.


The convention ended up nominating no candidates for statewide office.


Terry LaFleur accused Lora Hubbel and her supporters of trying to stage a coup. Both are running for the Constitution Party gubernatorial nomination. LaFleur said in a Facebook post he was contemplating criminal and civil actions against Hubbel and others.


Both LaFleur and Hubbel attempted to get on the Republican ballot as governor candidates for the June primary but were unsuccessful.


The national CP got involved and said that Lori Stacey, who thought she was the chair of the party, had not been the chair since 2016.


The SDCP will try it again on August 14th in Sioux Falls.


The Democratic Party also has to do a mulligan on their convention August 10. The Libertarians had to hold a second convention in June because their first convention in April was snowed out.