Local News

Candidates seeking the state legislature have been invited to a candidate roundtable Saturday from 2:30 to 4:30 p.m. at the Aberdeen Police Department.  Those who attend will discuss issues and answer questions from those in attendance.  A total of 17 candidates have been invited including:

District 1

  • Susan Wismer, Britton, Senate, Democrat.
  • H. Paul Dennert, Columbia, House, Democrat.
  • Steven D. McCleerey, Sisseton, House, Democrat.
  • Tamara St. John, Sisseton, House, Republican.

District 2

  • Brock L. Greenfield, Clark, Senate, Republican.
  • Paul Register, Redfield, Senate, Democrat.
  • Lana J. Greenfield, Doland, House, Republican.
  • Jenae Hansen, Aberdeen, House, Democrat.
  • Mike McHugh, Aberdeen, House, Democrat.
  • Kaleb W. Weis, Aberdeen, House, Republican.

District 3

  • Cory Allen Heidelberger, Aberdeen, Senate, Democrat.
  • Al Novstrup, Aberdeen, Senate, Republican.
  • Brooks Briscoe, Aberdeen, House, Democrat.
  • Drew Dennert, Aberdeen, House, Republican.
  • Carl E. Perry, Aberdeen, House, Republican.
  • Justin Roemmick, Aberdeen, House, Democrat.