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The democratic candidate for attorney general in South Dakota says he has partially accepted an apology from the state Department of Public Safety's leader for inviting the republican attorney general candidate to introduce a Highway Patrol event at the state fair last weekend.


Randy Seiler, of Fort Pierre, tells DRG news and farm he has talked to Sec. Trevor Jones about Jones’ invitation to Jason Ravnsborg (rounds-berg) to introduce a canine demonstration.




Seiler was alerted to the situation through social media and Ravnsborg’s campaign website.





Jones said in a statement that the spur-of-the-moment invitation was a "lapse in judgment" and wasn't meant to show support for any particular candidate. He also sent an apology letter Seiler.





At this point, Seiler thinks any investigation into the matter will be handled by the Government Accountability Board.





Seiler, who has served as the federal US Attorney for South Dakota, says this is a complicated situation.