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In a move many see as a bone thrown to US corn producers, President Donald Trump announced Tuesday at a rally in Iowa his administration’s plans to remove certain restrictions on selling higher percentage ethanol blends year round.  According to Forbes, most American’s will not notice the change, but E15 users will now be able to use the blend in the summer months as well.  Critics point out ethonal is hard on the environment and the decision comes just days after a UN report released dire warnings about handling climate change while there is still time. 


South Dakota's delegation to Washington reacted to the decision:

South Dakota congresswoman Kristi Noem:
“To stabilize the ag economy, we need to expand market access, and ethanol is a huge market that, because of federal regulations, we've been unable to fully tap into," said Noem. "President Trump and I have had many conversations about the expansion of E15. He knows where I stand, and that I wouldn't give up on this issue until we made it right for farmers in South Dakota and for consumers who are demanding more affordable, homegrown fuels. I am grateful that he has followed through on this promise to the American people." 

South Dakota Senator John Thune: 

“After spending more than a decade advocating for higher blends of ethanol, I want to thank President Trump for upholding his commitment to America’s farmers,” said Thune. “Using homegrown resources like ethanol to keep America’s economy moving forward is a common-sense, true win-win solution.  “As I have discussed personally with the president and members of his administration on multiple occasions, today’s announcement will be welcome news to farmers throughout the Midwest and Great Plains. Since year-round E15 sales would naturally help lower fuel prices, this also means consumers across the country will have more affordable choices at the pump, in addition to reinforcing American energy dominance.”

South Dakota Senator Mike Rounds:

“Allowing year-round sales of E-15 will not only increase markets for South Dakota producers, it will increase consumer choice at the pump and keep fuel costs low,” said Rounds. “South Dakota is a leading state in corn ethanol production. As the market for ethanol increases, the market for corn will grow, resulting in more jobs and increased revenue for South Dakota’s corn farmers. At a time when farmers are already struggling due to a decrease in farm income and trade uncertainty, providing year-round sales of E-15 is an opportunity to give our farmers a much-needed boost.”