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South Dakota congresswoman and Republican gubernatorial candidate Kristi Noem not long ago swung through northeast South Dakota as Election Day is less than a month away.  The Cooks Political Report recently moved this gubernatorial race from likely Republican to a tossup. 


This election will make history no matter who wins as Noem would be the first female governor of the state and her opponent Billie Sutton would be the first Democrat to serve as governor since the 1970s.  


Noem was quick to highlight her business acumen over her political chops, saying voters will be electing the next CEO of the state…






Win or lose, Noem will not be returning to Washington where she has represented South Dakota in congress since 2011.  Noem is proud of her accomplishments in Washington, including the tax cuts passed under President Trump in 2017, but still wishes she could have completely repealed the estate tax, or what she calls the “death tax.”


South Dakota is always looking for revenue to fund programs it deems important.  The state does this while also trying to keep taxes low.  Noem laid how her plan for how she would try to grow the state budget…





Another concern Noem hears while on the campaign trail is concerns about corruption.  She and her opponent Billie Sutton have both made the cleanup of state government a focal point of their campaigns.  According to Noem, she is the better candidate to root out corruption…






Noem specifically called for a reporter shield law, protecting journalists who are doing their jobs, and doing away with confidential settlement agreements with the state of South Dakota.  In those instances, taxpayer money can be used to settle a situation without the consent or knowledge of the taxpayer.

The election will be held Tuesday Nov. 6th.  Early voting is already underway and the deadline to register to vote is Monday Oct. 22nd.