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The United States is about to end the third week of a partial government shutdown.  The shutdown has occurred due to President Donald Trump’s refusal to sign legislation funding the government without $5 billion earmarked for a border wall with Mexico.


Washington DC can feel far away for many in northeast South Dakota.  However, when the federal government shuts down, its effects can be felt here as well. 


Dakota Territory Brewing, a brewery in Aberdeen, is currently at a standstill because of the shutdown.  Brewery owner Brodie Mueller can get beers to the market he is already producing, but anything new is stalled. 


Mueller says due to the shutdown, simply dumping beer is a possibility…




The specific agency causing problems for brewers like Mueller is the Alcohol, Tobacco, Tax and Trade Bureau or TTB.  This agency is in charge of ensuring products relating to alcohol and tobacco have the appropriate government warnings for consumers making decisions to purchase said products. 


According to Mueller this government shutdown hurts both large and small breweries alike…





This also stifles creativity for brewers.  Anyone who has brewed beer knows it is as much an art as it is a science.  Mueller has had to put plans on hold during this shutdown, preventing him from experimenting further…