Local News

South Dakota Democrats reflect on the first week of the 2019 legislative session.  Party leadership in Pierre chose to spend most of the early portion of the press conference to focus on what Democrats have in common with the new Noem administration.


Senate minority leader Troy Heinert of District 26 say Democrats want to work with the administration on continuing to develop a workforce as well as habitat conservation.


House minority leader Jamie Smith of Minnehaha says one major area Republicans are not talking about is in the healthcare sector.  Specifically, nursing home costs and community assistance programs…





Governor Noem gave her state of the state address after being sworn in as South Dakota’s first female governor.  During that speech, Noem focused a lot on the need to preserve pheasant habitat and proposed the idea of a bounty program on predatory animals. 


Senator Heinert hopes Democrats can work with the administration on other preservation methods, because what was proposed by the governor won’t work in other parts of the state…





Finally, Senator Heinert spoke on the Keystone XL oil pipeline.  The construction of the pipeline has been a long sorted history full of legal challenges, including one current federal challenge that is holding up the project.


Heinert is worried the state is not prepared enough in the event of an emergency.  Until it is better prepared in the event of a spill, he hopes it does not move forward…