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Representatives from the Northeast Area Horse Racing Association spoke in front of the Brown County Commission Tuesday to confirm they planned on having horse races this year.  Despite horse racing’s strong tradition in South Dakota, the sport has fallen on hard times due to funding issues.


The organization is seeking public money to bridge a two year gap until alternative funding can be found.  Though the bill does not have a number yet, Buddy Haar, President of the racing association says it has support in Pierre…





Haar says the organization is seeking $300,000 from the legislature that would go towards funding both horse racing operations in Fort Pierre and Aberdeen.  Should the legislature decide not to support horse racing, it is likely horse racing would have to consolidate to one location, either Fort Pierre or Aberdeen.


For years the state legislature had set aside money to support horse racing, but decisions to move that money around during the Janklow administration left the operation underfunded.  On top of that, sports gambling is down according to Haar…





Haar is confident sports betting money will help infuse new life into horse racing in South Dakota.  That can be done at the legislative level as well.  With a 2018 United State’s Supreme Court decision, sports betting has been opened up across the country.  It is not known yet if and how South Dakota would incorporate sports betting in the future.