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The Senate Education Committee Thursday tabled a bill by a 5-2 vote that would repeal the South Dakota High School Activities Association’s policy regarding transgender students competing in sports and replace it.  The policy would be replaced with a law that would force transgender students to compete in the sport identified with the gender on their birth certificate. 


The current SDHSAA policy allows a student to participate in a sport that is consistent with their gender identity.


Senator Jim Bolin of Canton sponsored SB49 and says it is about fairness in competition…





Bills like SB49 have popped up across the country.  Currently in Texas, transgender athletes are force to compete in sports that are consistent with the gender on their birth certificate.  North Carolina also tried to pass similar legislation, but backed down once public pressure mounted.


Speaking against the legislation were groups with different interests.  Executive director of the SDHSAA Dan Swartos spoke against the bill because he feels the policies in place are thought out and effective…




Also speaking against the bill was Debra Owen with the Sioux Falls Chamber of commerce.  Her objection was more about basic dollars and cents…