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Republicans in the South Dakota legislature are looking to amend how early voting is conducted before elections.  Specifically, House Bill 1178 would lower the early voting period from 46 days down to 14. 


The bill’s main sponsor is Representative Less Qualm of District 21 and has several co-sponsors including District 3’s Carl Perry and in the senate District 2’s Brock Greenfield.


Perry said he feels the early voting period is too long, though he struggled to articulate exactly why...





If HB1178 becomes law, South Dakota would be below the nation’s average for length of early voting periods according to the National Conference of State Legislatures.  The average length of early voting is 22 days before an election.  Perry believes 14 days might not be the right answer, but a compromise can be struck..





According to Perry the original reason for the early voting period was to accommodate absentee voters.  Today, most people use the time simply to cast an early vote.  That is something he would like to change…