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State senate committee passes legislation to randomly drug test legislators

A South Dakota Senate committee advances a bill to impose random drug testing on state legislators but it hits a snag later in the day.


The Senate Judiciary Committee voted 4-1 Thursday to send the measure to the floor. No one testified against it.


The bill would require the state Division of Criminal Investigation to set up random drug tests for three to 10 legislators each week of session. A positive test would be reported to the presiding officer of the lawmaker's chamber for possible disciplinary action.


The Senate Thursday afternoon voted to send the measure to appropriations to determine it's financial impact. That angered the bill's sponsor, Senator Stace Nelson of Fulton.  He says it's an unfair way to try and bury the bill...




Senator John Wiik of Big Stone City chairs the Appropriations Committee... 




Senator Lance Russell of Hot Springs chairs the Judiciary Committee and says he's offended by this move... 




The Senate voted 19-14 to send SB 104 to appropriations.