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Gov. Noem signs host of bills into law

Governor Kristi Noem today approved legislation to expand South Dakota renewable energy production. HB1031, which Noem signed today, will streamline wind and solar development on state-owned lands. The bill will go into effect July 1, 2019. ? 

“Our economy and security are reliant on an energy supply that is accessible, abundant, and affordable,” said Noem. “This bill takes a step toward expanding the potential of South Dakota wind and solar energy. I’m proud to sign it into law today.”  

Noem signed the following pieces of legislation this afternoon:  

  • HB1014 – An act to repeal certain provisions regarding payments of the tax imposed on financial institutions and banks 
  • HB1015 – An act to revise certain references to the Internal Revenue Code 
  • HB1031 – An act to authorize certain wind and solar easements and leases by the commissioner of School and Public Lands 
  • SB0005 – An act to codify legislation enacted in 2018 
  • SB0011 – An act to revise certain provisions regarding the granting of work?permits to minors who refuse to submit to chemical analyses 
  • SB0020 – An act to update certain provisions regarding consumer protection. 
  • SB0021 – An act to authorize certain tobacco manufacturers to assign to the state the interest of the manufacturer in any money in a qualified escrow fund 
  • SB0035 – An act to revise and repeal provisions regarding revocation of occupational licenses