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Presumptive probation deferred in committee

The Senate Judiciary Committee defers action on a bill that would reserve the state’s law on presumptive probation for lower-level felonies.


Presumptive probation has been credited with helping avert expensive prison-population growth but has been criticized by some for tying judge’s hands. 


The bill is a priority for new attorney general Jason Ravnsborg.  He says the costs have shifted to counties in what amounts to an unfunded mandate…





The bill is also supported by the state’s sheriff’s and police chief’s associations. 

The measure was opposed by members of the Noem administration including the department of corrections.  Britanni Skipper of the bureau of finance and management says it will mean building new prisons and greater ongoing costs...




Judiciary committee chair Lance Russell of Hot Springs apologized to the attorney general for having to defer the bill…




The committee will take action on the measure Thursday.