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Local activist Cory Heidelberger of was part of the successful lawsuit against IM24, banning out of state money from being used to benefit ballot measures, constitutional amendments and referred laws. Federal Judge Charles B. Kronmann filed his ruling Thursday. Heidelberger talked about the lawsuit victory…





The lawsuit brought together a non-partisan group of both Democrats and Republicans against the state and its support for IM24. 


Upon learning of the ruling, South Dakota Attorney General Jason Ravnsborg released the following statemeng: 


“We respect the decision of the Court.  We are reading the decision and are examining the avenues available to our office that best coincide with protecting the best interests of the people and the State of South Dakota.”


IM24 was pushed by Speaker of the House Mark Mickelson and was passed by 56 percent of the vote.  A majority of South Dakotan’s have little recourse when trying to ban out of state money. However, if this is important to voters Heidelberger says there are options…




 According to Heidelberger, voters already have the power to see who is contributing to laws getting on the ballot and can make their decisions accordingly. 


Heidelberger also explained how, according to the judge in this ruling, IM24 does little to actually limit the power of money in our elections…