Local News

South Dakota congressman Dusty Johnson spoke with local media Wednesday and highlighted what work was getting done in Washington D.C.


Partisanship is a problem in the nation’s capital, but Democrats and Republicans are working with one another to pass smaller legislation that doesn’t get widespread attention according to Johnson.  The President recently walked out of infrastructure talks with Democrats due to their several investigations into his conduct. 


Johnson says he hopes the president can continue to work with the other side…





Farmers across the country are hurting due to the trade war with China and Johnson is aware of that.  He talked about the administration’s new trade deal with neighbors Mexico and Canada and says he is more confident the USMCA will pass. 


However, when it comes to China, there currently appears to be no way out unless one country backs down.  The administration plans on providing a second handout to farmers to help offset losses due to tariffs.  Johnson explained how he thinks this will work this time…





Johnson also talked about this trade war in more detail.  He explained why it is important to go at China head on; despite what hurt it may cause farmers…