Local News

The citywide elections will take place next Tuesday June 4th and early voting is already underway.  Aberdeen will be selecting its next mayor and the two candidates have many unique qualities.  The challenger, Travis Schaunaman is looking to get into local politics for the first time, while the incumbent Mike Levsen is seeking his fourth term.


Levsen is a 40 year resident of Aberdeen and has served as mayor since first being elected in 2004.  Levsen says one of the best parts about being mayor these past 15 years is his ability to help almost anyone who contacts him, including the 260 people who work for the city.


According to Levsen, he is seeking re-election because under his leadership the city has seen consistent growth and he wants to see that keep going…




Mayor Levsen is proud of the work he and his colleagues have done to help make Aberdeen what it is today.  That was a deliberate decision when it came to building new things…




With the growth Aberdeen has experienced, it has sometimes led to friction as the population diversifies.  Levsen has been criticized in the past for being insensitive to the concerns of those in the community who do not see the growth of diversity as a great thing.


According to Levsen he sympathizes with those concerns, but says he has little control over the situation.  He also says it is a fact, if we do not diversify we will not grow, the economy could become stagnant and jobs would go unfilled…