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The Aberdeen City Council is debating an amendment to a current city ordinance which would allow residents to operate a business out of their own garage.  Changes to Ordinance No. 19-08-1 were first put forward by new Mayor Travis Schaunaman as he sought to give the zoning board more leeway when issuing special permits for businesses in a residential area. 


Changes to the ordinance were pushed back on by Southwest District Councilman David Bunsness who put forth an amendment to strip away most of what Schaunaman wanted. The first reading of the amended ordinance passed by a 6-3 vote with a possible final vote scheduled for Monday night’s city council meeting.


Mayor Schaunaman in his own words described the changes councilman Bunsness made to his proposed ordinance...





According to Mayor Schaunaman people are already operating businesses out of garages and he simply wants to make that legal.  Currently, if someone wanted to legally operate a business out of their garage within Aberdeen city limits, they first would need to go to the zoning board and request a special permit.  Schaunaman says that request would likely get denied and he hoped, through an update to the ordinance, to give the zoning board more leeway when deciding on special permits.  If the ordinance Schaunaman put forward passes, residents would still need permission by the zoning board to operate a business out of their own garage under a special permit.


Several misconceptions about the legislation have made their way around social media and other platforms.  The proposed amendment by councilman Bunsness would have no effect on daycare providers or garage sales.  According to mayor Schaunaman those are completely separate issues…





At the last city council meeting councilman Bunsness shared his thoughts on amending the ordinance…