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Custer business owner and mother Whitney Raver has recently announced her candidacy for the US House of Representatives.  Raver is the first candidate to declare for the Democratic nomination so it still remains to be seen if there will be a primary before a general election.


Raver came to South Dakota in 2006 only meaning to pass through on her way to college in New Mexico and never left.  She met her husband, a fourth generation South Dakotan and now resides in Custer. 


According to Raver she has always been politically active, but a trip to the US capital in 2011 inspired her to seek public office…






Raver says her goal is to leave no person behind when it comes to politics.  The first issue she brought up when asked about what needs addressing is climate change… 




Though she’s never held public office before, Raver says her personal story and life experience readies her to serve all South Dakotans.  According to Raver, she came from extreme poverty and raised herself up to a stable fulfilling life.  That is the American dream to her…




Should Raver be the nominee she will likely take on Republican incumbent Dusty Johnson in November of 2020.