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South Dakota’s primary election will be held June 2nd and will feature one race for a seat on the Aberdeen city council representing the southeast district.  Running in this race includes incumbent Dennis “Mike” Olson and business owners Tiffany Langer and Dave Welling.


Welling owns and operates “One Legged Pheasant” a brewery in Aberdeen.  The businesses opened in 2018.  He comes from Michigan originally, moving here with his wife five years ago, who serves as the Dean of Nursing at Presentation College.


Welling says he decided to run because he wants to make a difference, rather than simply complaining about what he sees wrong with the city…





Welling says he has always kept up with politics, locally and beyond, but it was starting his brewery which inspired him to seek local office.  He calls himself a conservative thinker who wants to bring common sense solutions to city council.


He spoke specifically for instance about regulations that he feels are overbearing and could use restructuring…





Decisions made by the city during this COVID-19 pandemic have affected businesses both large and small.  Originally, non essential businesses were shut down for a time and have now allowed to be reopened, though with guidelines promoting social distancing.  Welling says he has always taken an approach to this situation on an individual level…





The election is June 2nd.  In person voting will be available on that day, though the Brown County Auditor Cathy McNickle and Secretary of State Steve Barnett are encouraging residents to vote by mail when possible.  To do so, fill out the voting application sent by mail and an absentee ballot will be mailed.