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Despite this COVID-19 pandemic, there will be a primary election this coming June in South Dakota.  Absentee voting by mail is already underway across the state along with early voting.  This is all part of an effort to encourage social distancing, while still conducting these important elections.  In person will be available on June 2nd, but with social distancing in mind.


On the ballot for Republicans will be a primary race between incumbent senator Mike Rounds and challenger Scyller Borglum.  Borglum is a representative in the South Dakota legislature representing District 32.  She is an engineer by trait and is looking to become South Dakota’s first female senator since 1948 and first to ever get elected as her predecessor Vera Bushfield was appointed to finish her late husband’s term.


Borglum says this election is about national security, specifically our food supply which has been highlighted by COVID-19.  According to her the EB5 program, once championed by her opponent senator Mike Rounds, has allowed for foreign actors to purchase land in the United States…





Borglum says she is for mandatory country of origin labeling or COOL as part of a food security package.  She also says this issue is at the front of constituents minds when she speaks to them on the campaign trail.


In talking about the COVID-19 pandemic Borglum praised the Trump administration’s response to how this crisis has been handled…




In the end the race is between an incumbent and a challenger.  For that reason Borglum took the opportunity to differentiate herself from sitting Senator Mike Rounds…