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Approximately 60 to 80 people or more showed up to the corner of sixth and main street in Aberdeen to protest police brutality in the wake of the death of George Floyd, the man killed while being detained by police in Minneapolis on May 25th.  It was the third straight day of demonstration and easily the largest so far. 


One protestor, a Northern student named Isiah described the demonstrations…





The event was peaceful and those demonstrating repeatedly said they had no intentions of turning to violence or vandalism.


Another protester Cory, said he attended the protest in Sioux Falls Sunday and returned home to continue demonstrating...





Another protester Jenna, has been at the demonstration from the beginning and says it continues to organically grow and support has been great...





Aberdeen Police Chief Dave McNeil spoke at the Aberdeen City Council Monday about the protests in town and across the country.  According to him, the department took several calls about potential riots during this time.  McNeil said there were no truth to the rumors, though police did have a presence at the demonstration.