Local News

The South Dakota primary took place Tuesday and area results are in.  


In Marshall county, voters rejected plans to pass a new bond to build a new courthouse including a law enforcement center and jail.  The price tag would have been about $8,624,300.  765 voted against the bond or 65 percent of the vote while 412 people voted in favor or 35 percent of the vote.  


In Spink County there was one county commission primary, representing district 2.  Brian Johnson defeated Robert J. Roeber for the Republican nomination.  he recieved 148 votes or 74 percent while Roeber recieved 51 or 26 percent of the vote.  Johnson will go on to face Democrat Douglas Tipton of Tulare in November.  


In Roberts County Tyler Appel defeated Barry Hillestad for Sheriff.  Appel received 634 votes or 59 percent while Hillestad received 441 or 41 percent of the vote.  


In Edmunds County, a county commission race representting district 4 Chad Preszler defeated Dennis Hoyle with 82 votes or 76 percent to Hoyl's 26 votes or 24 percent.  


In McPherson County, a county commission race representing district 2 Rick Beilke defeated Derek Merkel with 52 votes or 54 percent to Merkel's 45 or 46 percent of the vote.  


In Potter County, a county commission race representing district 5 Patrick W. Everson defeated Karen S. Doerr for the seat.  He received 70 votes or 55 percent of the vote while Doerr received 58 or 45 percent of the vote.  


There were two Republican primaries took place in District 23.  For Senate Bryan J. Breitling defeated Larry Nielson.  Breitling recieved 2,215 votes or 56 percent while Nielson recieved 1,769 or 44 percent.  Breitling will face Libertarian candidate CJ Abernathey for a seat in the legislature.  A Republican House race saw Spencer Gosch and Charlie Hoffman win the nominations.  They defeated James Wangsness and Kevin Watts.  Gosch received 3,107  (41 percent) Hoffman received 2,709 (35 percent), Wangsness recevied 1,072 (14 percent) and Watts recieved 755 (10 percent).