Local News

Approximately 110 to 120 people showed up to central park in Aberdeen Saturday to stand against racism and call to an end to police violence against communities of color in the wake of the death of George Floyd in Minneapolis. 


The protest lasted about four hours, featured several community speakers and remained peaceful. 


One of the event’s organizers, Aberdeen native Simone Ochotorena talked about what it was like pulling this off…




The Presentation Sisters did not speak at the event, but sent a message read to the crowd saying they stand in solidarity with the Floyd family and all those victims of racism accross our country.


The Aberdeen Crusaders, a motorcycle club, showed up to help ensure everyone's first amendment rights to speak were protected, though no counter protest could be seen during the event.  Organizers thanked the Crusaders for their attendance.


The focus of the event was not just the plight of African Americans in this country, but all people of color.  Lauren, an attendee of  the event, held a sign saying "Native Lives Matter" and says its important not to forget their struggles as well...




Local resident Corey McIntosh helped organized the event and was  the final speaker for the day.  He talked specifically about the fear people of color have when dealing with police.  That fear is in every community of color, whether it be a large city or even Aberdeen...