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The Aberdeen City Council Thursday at a special meeting allowed the current COVID-19 emergency ordinance to expire and chose not to pass a new ordinance regulating businesses during the pandemic.  As of Friday June 12th there are no city regulations on businesses when it relates to COVID-19.


Five members of the council voted in favor of a less restrictive new ordinance, but four voted against it.  According to city attorney Ron Wager, 60 percent approval is needed for an emergency ordinance to pass.


Councilman Clint Rux was one of the swing votes on this and says there is no good outcome in this situation…




Voting against the ordinance included Rux, councilmen Josh Rife, Alan Johnson and mayor Travis Schaunaman.  The new ordinance that failed called for social distancing and spacing of tables only. 


According to Mayor Schaunaman, the hard work of flattening the curve has already been done…




Councilman Dave Busness wanted to give voice to other on his stance on the ordinance…