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As the nation continues to grip with the fall out of the murder of George Floyd at the hands of Minneapolis police, long brewing issues of racial equality are being addressed once again.


One area American’s are split on is the civil war, the legacy of the confederacy and how the country should view it today.  Almost every mainstream historian notes the Civil War was fought over the issue of slavery.  The institution of slavery was enshrined by the founders of the confederacy in its founding documents.  Today, some try to argue the issue was about state’s rights.


Despite the Confederacy fighting to keep slavery, state’s trying to leave the union, and ultimately losing the war, Confederate statues and monuments remain up across the country today.  That includes military bases with Confederate general’s names.


10 bases use the name of a Confederate officer and some are calling on the US Military to make changes.  South Dakota Senator Mike Rounds agrees with this call, if it is done the right way according to him…





President Donald Trump has said he will veto any legislation that would seek to rename bases named after the Confederacy.  Senator Rounds thinks there is room to convince those not persuaded by history…