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The Brown County Commission voted Tuesday to postpone the 2020 Brown County Fair.  The fair board voted weeks ago 23-0 to postpone the fair in its entirity.  

After much debate the commission ultimately chose to postpone, but followed up the postponement with a formal request for interested parties to come forward with ideas on doing something on the fairgounds the week of the fair. 


Commissioner Doug Fjeldheim summed up the situation...





Fair board president Tom Paepke was in attendance and spoke on behalf of the fair board.  He talked about how the volunteer group of 23 came to their unanimous conclusion to postpone...





The commissioners want to see an event that week of the fair.  How long that event will last, what will all be available, what kind of carnival will be there if any, and many more questions need to be answered and likely will be in the coming weeks.  The commission will be doing with without the support of the fair board and only a handful of fair board members have pledge to help on a volunteer basis.


Commissioner Mike Weise says moving forward with this new event, no matter how it looks is a one time thing and will be done respecting the fair board decision...