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South Dakota Attorney General Jason Ravnsborg has released two official explainers about an initiated measure and constitutional amendment which activists are trying to get on the ballot in 2022.  The two measures would expand Medicaid coverage in South Dakota. 


One of the activists involved in this effort is one time senate candidate Rick Weiland who says this is about helping people who don’t have healthcare get coverage…





Medicaid is a program shared by states and the federal government to help healthcare coverage to low income people, people who do not get coverage through their employer, or disabled people.  When the Affordable Care Act was passed it gave states the opportunity to expand who is covered under Medicaid and that coverage would be provided by the federal government.


Since then the South Dakota legislature has refused to expand Medicaid and remains just one of 13 states in the nation not to do so. 


Weiland says Medicaid expansion has been a big success in red and blue states alike…





Weiland says not only would Medicaid expansion provide health insurance to at least an estimated 55,000 South Dakotans currently uninsured, it would also help sure up the rural healthcare system which has been struggling for years…