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South Dakota Governor Kristi Noem spoke in Sioux Falls Tuesday about her administration’s goal to see school reopen this coming fall semester.  After meeting with teachers and parents Governor Noem took to the podium and gave prepared remarks then took questions.


According to Governor Noem it is important schools reopen for a number of reasons.  Those include a better quality of education for students, parents need students in schools so they can return to work, according to Noem the virus does not spread as much with children and more vulnerable students need a safe place to be.


Noem says the benefits of reopening out way the potential dangers…





Governor Noem is calling on districts to reopen come the fall and put measures in place that suits their specific needs, rather than dictation coming down from Pierre.  She also says she will not call for a mask mandate while in the classroom because that is not practical in her opinion…





There will be additional money made available for schools to help offset any costs to reopening according to Governor Noem.  Also, it is likely in the next round of federal stimulus out of Washington D.C. several billion dollars will be put aside to help schools reopen across the country.


Governor Noem also did not say what is an acceptable number of infections in a school district or a county to call off school.  She made that decision in the spring at the beginning of the pandemic, but says that will likely not happen again…