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As schools accross the state and nation continue try and return to in class learning this fall many are concerned about the potential spread of COVID-19 in children.  Research on the topic has been mixed, whether or not children are regular spreaders of the virus.


South Dakota Governor Kristi Noem earlier this week spoke in Sioux Falls calling on schools to open in the fall...






State epidemeolgist Dr. Joshua Clayton gave some figures about the spread of COVID-19 in kids during a press conference Thursday.  According to Dr. Clayton as of Monday, 1,003 cases have been among children 0-19 years of age.  Further breakdown shows 322 of those have been between the ages of 0-9 and 737 among those 10-19. 


Dr. Clayton says there is very little difference in symptoms showing in children…





There have been outbreaks in children areas so far in South Dakota.  


The McCrossan Boys Ranch near Sioux Falls has closed its doors to the public due to an outbreak of COVID-19.  According to state health officials less than 15 people at the ranch have tested positive for the disease and a plan for mass testing at the ranch will happen in the coming days.  McCrossan is a non-profit, private organization which works with troubled boys between the ages of nine and 20. 


Cases of COVID-19 from Camp Judson in Keystone continue to climb.  According to health officials 61 people who attended the camp are now infected with COVID-19.  An estimated 328 people were at the camp at the time of the outbreak.  The cases range from ages 5 to 9 years old to 40 to 44 years old.  75 percent of the cases are teenagers.